Chairman, Superhouse Group

Mr. Mukhtarul Amin, a visionary entrepreneur strongly believes in giving back to the community. He firmly believes the future of education is technology driven.Hence we need to train our children into machine learning. Mr.Amin is a progressive thinker who has surveyed the world and is committed to ensure the best standards in all endeavours of Superhouse Education Foundation. To be the literates of the 21st century one should be capable enough to learn, unlearn and relearn. Education should focus on developing life skills such as – creativity,critical thinking,communication and collabration.

“Education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive, easy to govern but difficult to enslave.”

Peter Broughan

We envision and endeavor to establish knowledge based and research oriented Institution with dedicated faculty staff members to edify talented students. With the concrete base of human values, we strive to excel in education, research, innovation and management of technology. This institute has toiled and improvised to bring out the best of engineers and managers. We have always focused on making the students not just STUDY but LEARN from the classroom and apply that in practical life. We seek perfection and perseverance in all the challenges with its modernistic infrastructure the Institute is a centre where the students acquire holistic technical and management education in multiple discipline and create young and dynamic engineers, managers and entrepreneurs.